Head: Happy Meal Captain America, modded
Body: ROC Under Armor shirt torso
Arms & Legs: 25th Cobra Diver
Hands: MU

So here is where the old restraints of my EXCAL verse, and real world physics rules are forced to bend. I've never had a great affinity for the Flash, but once I made a WB version of Arrow, I knew Barry had to be next. A Civilian version will follow when I get the head right.

Anyway, what I like about this figure is that is has real person proportions, by being a Joe based figure, rather than the (for me) misconception that everyone with super powers should be built like Superman or Wonder Woman. Barry on the show is a tall skinny kid. So in my mind, my Flash can be also.

As for the powers, they're essentially like that of the show in my verse. With aliens, jump gates, mutants, etc... now all fully in the fray, the full comic universe is running amok there.

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