Head, vest, belt, upper arms: 25th Tele-Viper
Torso: ROC Neo-Viper
Lower arms: 25th Flint
Legs: POC Cobra Trooper
Hands: Marauder MTF
Backpack: VvV Tele-Viper (single card)
Gun: Vintage Tele-Viper

Tele-Vipers appeared regularly on the Sunbow cartoon series and I always enjoyed it when Cobra troops were shown. However, I never had the original figure as a kid. During the 25th Anniversary, I managed to pick up 3 Tele-Vipers. That version had some nice elements, but overall suffered from some issues like the hands and the legs. For my version, I drew some inspiration from the concept vault version, but made some changes.

I used the ROC Neo-Viper torso to approximate the original's shirt. That torso is also a good fit with the belt and vest. I also upgraded the figure with Marauder hands.

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