All parts - Tunnel Rat v9

Satchel - Tunnel Rat
Backpack, machine gun - Marauder Inc.

Eventually I'd like to give all of my vintage Joes a paint upgrade, to give a little more detail and make them more visually interesting. Tunnel Rat is an absolute classic figure of course, one of the absolute favourites from my youth. He has a pretty good amount of painted detail already, but there's always room for improvement. And sometimes when painting a figure like this, you notice details on the figure that you didn't appreciate before. Tunnel Rat has straps on his shoulders, for example, something I never really noticed until I used the torso for another custom, because they weren't painted on the original. Since I was doing all my vintage Tunnel Rats, the comic pack version might as well be done as well, since it uses the same mold with a new head.

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