Wave 5 Valor vs Venom Tele-Viper

I don't believe in the Python Patrol (or other similar subsets). So when I saw this figure I thought, here's a good way to practice painting a variety of details and repeating it the same figure. This is not a figure repaint as much as it is a "production run" of a custom. The color choice was obvious, more of an upgrade of the older Tele-Viper gear using a new sculpt with similar colors.

The Tele-Viper isn't so much of a foot solider as he is a hacker given a gun. Disgruntled with figuring out how to clone cell phones, spam, and do everything else that one equates with identity theft, the Tele-Vipers are responsible for maintaining communication with a variety of Cobra bases, operatives, and support services. Hacker, telephone repair, and Call Center for Cobra, these guys do it all.

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