Head: Various ST
Body: ST Firefly

Helmet: ST Duke Alley Viper Disguise

Shoulder Armor: ST Iron Grenadier

Robes: Various Episode 1 Star Wars Accessory Packs

"Laser Swords": Various Jedi

A long time ago, in this very same galaxy, I set out to make for myself an army of futuristic knights, loosely based on the Magic the Gathering card of the same name.

After piecing together the elder five, each of whom is aligned with one of the five elements of the aforementioned card game, I found myself with enough extra fodder to continue making a few more figures.

I ended up with three of these figures who I dubbed Temple Knights. They are the lesser knights of the order, those who haven't obtained mastery of any particular element. It is from their ranks that the next elementalists will arise when any of the current ones fall.

Taun Tauns were used as their mounts simply because I really like Taun Tauns.

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