Head: Law 87
Torso: Viper 02
Arms: Big Ben 00
Waist: Gung Ho 00
Legs: Gung Ho 00

Gun: Stalker 89
Backpack: Gung Ho 00 w/modification
Helmet: Duke 00
Googles: in2toyz
Phone: in2toyz

I got the inspiration for this figure while waching Black Hawk Down.

Teardown was one of the Delta Force soldiers ivolved in the 1993 coflict in somalia. He remained with the Deltas until G.I. Joe regrouped in 2002 and he was asked to join. His skills were needed during a mission to rescue a small group of Green Shirts who were captured by Major Blood.

"Teardown got his name because he will tare down anything in his way to "extract" his target"-Duke

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