Head = VvV Scarlett Modded
Hair = VvV Baroness Modded
Body = VvV Baroness Modded
Hands = VvV Baroness Modded
Waist = VvV Jinx
Skirt = VvV Jinx Modded
Legs = ST Lady Jaye Modded
Others = Epoxy Putty, Plastic sheets.

I played Final Fantasy 7 in 1997 and I really enjoyed the game a lot ... I loved the Tifa char and the way they made her. FF7 is 1 of my all time favourites and will always brings back good memories for me.

In 2005 ... I was really looking forward to the FF7 Advent Children Movie ... I replayed FF7 again at that time and everything was just great.

But somehow my life changed a lot ... and a lot of things aren't the same anymore.
When the movie was released ... I just wasn't looking forward to anything anymore at that time ... everything to me didn't matter anymore.

I did watch the movie ... but it just added more sadness.

1 thing that came out of all that is I still love Tifa ... my PC wallpaper and CellPhone wallpaper is Tifa ... ;)

It's now a year after FF7-AC ... and I wanted to put in all the sadness into this piece and see the results.


Finally Completed the Tifa ... now I can finally be happy.

This piece involved a lot of work and time, cuz I have to modify most every single part and also scratch build and sculpt in a lot of the details.

Due to the amount of time and work involved + the sadness ... I gave up a lot of times on finishing it off. But I really have to make myself finish it off.

Finishing this piece made me very happy. The figure didn't come out as good as I want it to be but the completing it made a lot of difference.

I really learned a lot making this figure in terms of customizing and what I can do with my life and gave me a great sense of completeness.

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