Ace torso. Tele-Viper Head, vest, belt and thighs (sculpted ribs covered by apoxie sculpt). Hands from a star wars figure. Knees are from duke and the rest of the legs are from Snow Job.

I need to make amends for the previous Tele-Viper I submitted. Just what I said about Tele-Vipers. I can't believe it. The vintage figure is now one of my favorites, and after selling a large portion of my collection he remains with about two dozen other Cobras in what I consider the quintessential character selection. I have one box of Joes now and One box of Cobras... I can't imagine him not being in there.

So, I made this guy as close to the original as possible. Especially the frustrating details such as how he had a closed zip front instead of buttons... and his adorable little shoes. It's a pain getting the backpack and handheld to work but I got them on him after I took this picture.

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