BBI Head
Snake Eyes Torso, modified
Res. Duke vest/painted
Sn Eyes belt/web gear modified
Duke legs
Marauder gun
PTE radio pack, modified
sculpted beret

Code Name: The Sentinel; Real Name: Captain Richard Thorne.

Thorne's specialties are more on the tactical, mission planning side of things, though he is a full-fledged EXCAL Paladin Knight. He is not the same level of physical warrior that some of the Knights are, but still much more skilled than a normal soldier. He has been trained in the past as a sniper, though this is not his primary specialty. But he will most often position himself for combat in places suitable to stay in touch with Command, and to be able to maintain tactical control of the battle field. Even senior Knights will defer to his tactical command during large scale combat.

Thorne is a former U.S. Army Ranger, and has battle experience in Afghanistan, Iraq, and in the Cobra Wars, prior to joining MEDUSA. He previously served with Major Tristan Knight, and previously had command one of his current support team members, codenamed Animal Mother.

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