Marvel Universe Ultron
DC Dr. Fate Cape (thanks, Chief!)

From the field manual of General Hawk:

I've been in this fight a very long time, and this point, few things keep me up at night with worry. The one thing I dread is the battle for the future. I've already seen the enemy, and it has a name. UltraVision. In the past, we've dealt with Ultron and while it has never been an easy fight, we've always managed to pull through. I mean, you throw enough firepower at one target, and eventually that target breaks. This is where UltraVision is different. It not only has a tough adamantium shell, but the CPU is damn near perfect in its emulation of human adaptation. When you combine that with an always ready back-up in case it gets destroyed, you have a truly powerful enemy. You may think that doesn't sound so bad, and you'd be right. However, where this version of Ultron is different is in its planning. This Ultron plays a long game. We've already seen evidence of Ultron based trojan horse viruses in top DoD computers, and while working together with other governments, we have even more evidence tat leads us to believe that UltraVision is perfecting a damn near total take over on an electronic scale. What good are our tanks and jets, when they're used against us? What kind of battleground will this total war be fought on? This is what keeps me up at night.

//Thanks to KilCarr for the Bio help!

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