Head: 25th GI Joe Trooper
Torso, upper arms: 25th Snow Job
Lower arms, legs: PoC Snow Job
Backpack: POC Recondo
Communications Station: Vintage wind-up accessory

This custom was made for PHX Customs GI Joe Resurgence Adventure Team project in Summer 2018.

Uplink came about very late in the Adventure Team project. The Trouble Shooter and Icepick were done. Icepick was always planned as the Arctic Adventurer, but I wanted a dedicated Communications specialist. Since the project's reveal date was approaching quickly, I kit bashed a new character from existing painted parts. I used my comic version Snow Job custom that I had done for a group project and swapped out some parts. Since Uplink is not an Arctic specialist, this is only his cold weather getup. If I revisit the character later, he will have a different look.

Filecard courtesy of doe138.

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