Head: Voltar V1
Chest: Night Viper V1
Arms: Star Viper V1
Hands: G.I. JOE ROC figure
Middle Piece: Dr. Mindbender V1
Upper Legs: Crystal Ball V1
Lower Legs: Torch V1

I always felt that the character of Voltar had promise, but I could never get past the absurd color scheme of the original figure. This is my second version of Voltar. One thing that I wanted to change was the color selection for his uniform. Voltar needed to have a weapon that was very similar to the one issued to the rest of Cobra's forces. I wanted it similar, but not exact, I opted for a carbine version of the NVR and thought it should have an optic and a forward handle. I thought he would be the type of character that would have a very small submachine gun like a MAC-10 as a sidearm. The finishing touch was a sick machete or large knife. Voltar in my JoeVerse is a bit over the top, the type of leader that earns respect, but will gladly cut your arms of if you disrespect him. I think I was able to capture this look for him.

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