Head: Tarkin with sculpted hair
Base Figure: Renegades Cobra Commander
Arms: Black Coat Dr. Rex
Vials and pack: Hobbit
Strap/harness: thin leather strip
Hat: Lego piece modded by me then cast in soft plastic by Vortious C. A.

Excerpts from a Coast to Coast episode featuring a call in guest panel including, among others, Dr. Benjamin Gates and Robert Langdon...

Langdon: "We can get back to the actual narrative at a later date, but for now know this: the EXCAL organization as you have come to know it did not simply form itself out of the blue."

Gates: "He's right, that Oliver Queen and Batman partnership, setting out to create a new venue for justice and all - that was a bit overly contrived. I mean, Gosh Batman, you formed this group today, and you already have an infrastructure, and tens of thousands of employees, hundreds of scientists, and a contingent for the total annihilation of the planet? Holy I don't think so Batman."

Gates continues, after a brief interruption from the host: "The formation of EXCAL can be traced back to at least the late 19th century, but in my opinion goes back as far as the Founding Fathers themselves. While the actual EXCAL group operating today might be somewhat distinct from the 19th century American model, it appears that both are descendants of a secret organization known as the Excalibur Society, and that is the one I believe was formed at the time of the American Revolution..."

Langdon: "Here is where Dr. Gates and I disagree. The history associated with EXCAL and even the Excalibur Society simply does not paint it as a strictly American organization in any way. If anything, an overwhelming number of suspected affiliates have been western European, as much as American, with the largest percentage of those being British. The symbology associated with the group allows us to trace it back even further with direct ties to, and here is the kicker, the Freemasons, and perhaps even the Templars before them.

C2C Host: "Well that would make the 'Excalibur' reference all the more fascinating would it not? I mean, what if King Arthur were real??"

Langdon: "I'm not willing to go that far, George, but this organization could be the missing link on some of those connections we have only been guessing at."

C2C Host: "Okay, Professor Langdon, tell us then about this 'Torchwood' group you've recently published a paper about. Is it connected in some way?"

Langdon: "Certainly, yes. It has to be. Many of the members we've pinned to the Excalibur Society have also been quite closely linked with Torchwood."

C2C: "Such as?"

Langdon: "Van Helsing for one. While we aren't certain of many dates, we know for a fact that Torchwood was a thing in the late 1800s, just as it is now. Van Helsing, the famed Vampire Hunter of the Victorian era, has been documented as a member of both. We can assume, based upon other Excalibur Society members, that the primary objective of that group did not lay specifically in combating the dark arts or the paranormal. However, Van Helsing's dual membership in Torchwood has led many to speculate that Torchwood's role in all of this was precisely that..."

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