Head: Marvel- Captain Marvel (Star Wars Geek cast)
Alternate helmet head: ARAH Mega-Viper cast
Neck: Retaliation Roadblock cast
Chest/back: ARAH Scarlett
Arms, waist: ARAH Baroness
Legs (to top of boots): 25A Barbecue
Boots: Star Wars- Princess Leia in captive outfit
Backpack: ARAH Barbecue
Fox pups: Playmobil


An original character, Vivisection is a Cobra bio-weapons officer. Like Repulsor and his zombie-dog Dawg, Vivisection has her own zombie research pets, Tip Toe and Welt.


This figure began with the legs, which are a byproduct of making my Mahea custom figure. The Barbecue legs added to the Princess Leia boots had a chemical suit look to them. The other parts don't necessarily have the same look, but when framed with the Mega-Viper head and the Barbecue backpack the combination works.

Colors & Paints:

Based on my recent Dr. Mindbender custom, with some green added for accents.

Sculpting & Modifying:

The head is cast (by Star Wars Geek) and I cast the helmeted head. The torso was lengthened by adding a riser, and then the gap was epoxied. The Barbecue boots were replaced with the Princess Leia boots, with cuffs added at the top.

About fox pups:

For what else would I ever use two Playmobil fox pups? I had the two figures in my animal fodder pile and took the opportunity to use them. I painted my Dawg custom black with metallic blue "techno-virus" wounds and eyes/mouth. Tip Toe and Welt here are simply black with metallic blue eyes. Maybe Vivisection zombified them as pups to stop them from aging.

Thanks for looking.

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