Head - VvV Bombstrike
Top hair - Epoxy
Lower hair - Braided thread
Body - Microman Material Force arms, legs, chest, and feet modded with epoxy
Claw - Came with a GI Joe ninja.
Mask - Carved from the Microman Material figure's head.

This custom was done for a customer who liked my Cammy and Bison figures. This took about 3 days. He was happy with the results. This lighting kinda plays tricks with the paint job. It looks much better in person.

Vega was born to a privileged family in Spain. Vega studied bullfighting, and went to Japan and learned ninjutsu, a style he believed meshed well with his natural grace and agility. Combining bullfighting with ninjutsu, Vega went into an underground cage fighting circuit, and quickly became one of the best. His stepfather murdered his mother because he felt she didn't respect him, and Vega killed him in return. The incident warped his mind, and he developed a dual personality: honorable nobleman by day, sadistic murderer by night.

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