Figure: Overkill V2

What would you do to become the ultimate battlefield survivor? Would you give up a arm or a leg? Would you give up any chance at a normal life?

Project Black was the twisted dream of Dr. Mindbender, who had been driven beyond madness by the constant pain of his self-installed cybernetic enhancements. He and Scalpel, Cobra's resident vivisectionist, took the power armor experiment a step further, placing the servos, third generation synthetic plating, integrated weaponry, and microprocessor driven "fly by wire" reflexes under the skin.

The enhancements make the subject virtually immune to small arms fire, and light shrapnel. Reaction time, general strength and reflexive movement are off the chart. Integrated weapons make targeting and discharging a weapon a mental rather than physical reaction. These are the ultimate soldiers, having traded their souls for a body optimized for battle.

Being a volunteer process, only the dying and wounded are approached to participate in this inhuman experiment. Scalpel gives Cobra Troopers on the brink of death a simple pair of options: "Do you wish to be partly alive, or completely dead?"


I hated Overkill, but I saw a lot of potential in the mold. I hand trimmed down the cowl and gave him a fresh coat of black paint. This is my back story on how Cobra would do the Cyborg thing. This was my first custom using new sculpt parts.

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