Head and hands-Kal Fas (Star Wars) tongue made from SE webgear.
Body-Cobra Soldier
Arms and Legs-ROC Destro
Tunic-synthetic leather
Belt and shoulder trim-X-wing Luke (saga legends)
laser pistol-modified 25th Destro pistol
laser rifle-modified Star Wars rifle
Podium-SDCC Cobra Commander
water glass-Kal Fas
Pigeon-AC Moore purchase (yes, he intends on eating it.)
sunglasses-modified lego helmet visor

While making my other custom alien visitor (with Flag and human head disguise) I wanted to make a lizard head version. There was just one problem, I could not find the right head. Then I stopped in at a local K-mart and found Kal Fas, and knew what I needed to do. I started to make a duplicate of the other, but since the body parts were different it would not make for a good copy. I used the strap from Luke for a belt and realized what the figure should be, a commander. The shoulder trim was part of the straps that wrapped around Luke's legs. The podium was left over from when I made the Mahoganey and King Cobra customs, so I was happy to finally find a use for it.

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