Wraith Head
Arctic Scrap Iron Body and gun
Elite Viper vest
Resolute Destro Computer case

Virus is Cobra's computer expert, their counterpart to Mainframe. While he clearly knows his way around a processor and can manufacture any system Cobra needs, Virus is a bit of a coward. He almost always finds any excuse he can to get out of going into any situation that even could remotely be dangerous. And when he does he is well armed, and well armored. Plus he almost always has a bodyguard of no less than six Vipers and two Tele-Vipers with him.

From Mainframe, "Yeah I know his type...he gets a kick out of releasing mass email viruses and hacking bank computers...but you know what? He's sloppy. While he's creative, given enough leg work we can reverse any damage he does, but its annoying, he's like a cyber mosquito. I will say this though, he's pretty funny in the field, at the first sign of a firefight he's on the move to someplace safe, generally in a state of panic. Once I found a puddle of urine where he was trying to hack in to a computer terminal."

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