Head: Bronze Bomber
Torso: '91 Toxo-Viper
Arms: '91 Toxo-Viper
Waist: '92 Heli-Viper
Legs: '92 Heli-Viper

The Mega Marines is a self-contained inter-dimensional expeditionary force; they operated completely cut off from the main Joe team. The Division is broken up into three different units including two field teams, and a support team. Each field team has a missile specialist assigned.

Warhead is one of many new original characters created for the Mega Marine team. He serves as a missile specialist, and is considered by many of his teammates to be an overly obnoxious, and often sarcastic troop. He considers himself hilarious, though his teammates would more than likely disagree.
Aside from being a missile specialist, he is also a skilled EOD.

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