Head: Bronze Bomber
Torso: '86 Wet-Suit
Arms: '86 Lowlight
Waist: '86 Dial-Tone
Legs: '86 Dial-Tone

Whisper is a soldier that truly goes bump in the night. He's a skilled commando with expertise in rappelling and close quarters battle, and is highly trained with the use of edged weapons.
Whisper has a rage that simmers just beneath his calm exterior, and Joe Command is concerned that rage could easily boil over. They often discuss how to best focus that rage on Cobra.
Whisper was at one time assigned to the Joe teams own Squadron Black covert operations team, his current assignment is highly classified.

This is an older custom, and was my answer to Snake Eyes for a time when I was really tired of the ninja thing and wanted a more "true-ified" Commando

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