Head: MU Aurora with Baroness hair
Body: Boss Fight Studio HACKS
Armor: Same
Lasso: pose-able gold wire, recommended by Adrienveidt

I played with different head options - but finally fell in love with this one. In fact, the head I had considered was a cast Rajon Mack sculpt, using the same Aurora base, but with more traditional Wonder Woman hair. I selected this one because it made her look younger, and gives a slight resemblance to the new movie Wonder Woman.

For a long time I held off on adding powered heroes to my EXCAL verse. But now that I have Wonder Woman in the mix, I have to find a suitable means of bringing in Superman for the Holy Trinity.

I'm also working on a Super Friends version which will upgrade an older Wonder Woman I had made for my wife. Have to admit the HACKS bodies are perfect for this.

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