Head: Muskrat (v1) 1988 - mod
Torso: Cloudburst (v1) 1991
Waist: Leatherneck (v1) 1986
Arms: Flint (v1) 1985
Legs: Recondo (v1) 1985

Backpack: Shockwave (v1) 1988
Flippers: Accessory Pack #6 (1988)
Weapon, scarf and glasses: Marauder Inc.

After seeing a documentary about the American army, I wanted to make a more realistic navy S.E.A.L. He had to be bad*ss and have not more (practical) gear than he can carry. I had a hard time thinking of a back story though, so I didn't write it. I experimented with a new camo pattern and I liked the combining of the o-ring style figure with the "modern style" accessories. Something I'll do more often in the future for sure!

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