Head: ROC Charbroil with PoC Shock Trooper goggles
Torso: Retaliation Firefly
Arms: 50th Arctic Snake Eyes
Legs: 25th Wild Weasel

We wanted to use bad guys that we had not introduced into our Resurgence universe yet for our Night Force project. Over the years, we have introduced a bunch of new characters as well as re-introduced most of the known named Cobras and given them new or updated looks. One character that has not been brought into the Resurgence-verse is Wild Weasel. Our first draft of the story for this chapter would have seen Firefly and Wild Weasel combine their efforts to retrieve the amulet that Cobra lost at the hands of the Adventure Team. This would have been a nod the introduction of these two characters in the original Marvel comics.

For my custom, I drew on several sources for inspiration. I started with the jacket, I had seen it used as a pilot/bomber jacket on a few customs and liked the look. I kept the 25th legs as a callback to the vintage version and I wanted to keep the map and leg accessories. For the colors, the New Sculpt era has several Wild Weasel figures that used black and red. Those colors were perfect for the Night Ops vibe we wanted for the project.

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