Head: Stalker Comic Pack with generic figure cap
Chest: Doc
Arms, Waist and upper Legs: 1986 Lifeline
Lower legs: 1987 Falcon

I made this figure as a nod to my father, who was a Navy Corpsman. They're medics, often detached to serve alongside Marines.

After deciding to go with a medical figure, it only seemed reasonable to take the Doc and Lifeline bodies and combine them. The lower legs of Falcon have cargo pockets and blended nicely with the lifeline upper legs.

The camouflage pattern was used to tie the different parts together, which are very recognizable as being Doc and Lifeline if left in flat colors.

There's a lot of detail on the Lifeline parts that I never realized were there until I painted them. The belt is loaded with gear, including what appears to be a pager (although I would assume that pagers were much larger in 1986).

Thanks for looking.

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