Head: Checkpoint
Torso: DTC Barrel Roll
Upper arms: DTC Range Viper
Lower arms: Red Zone
Hands: Microman
Waist and upper legs: VvV Snake Eyes
Lower legs: SpyTroops Agent Faces
Sniper rifle: Red Spot
Pistol: ???
Odds & ends: Eversparkle radio

This figure started as an effort to create a Jack Bauer type plainclothes everyman to join the Joes, but once I had that head on the figure its smirk made me think maybe there was more going on beneath the surface of this character than simply a guy doing his duty.

I figure every team needs a guy willing to do the stuff no one else wants to do or even talk about. Originally, that guy was Shooter for my Joe team. But he was killed on the team's first mission. This is his replacement. And the biggest difference between Shooter and Wetwork is that Wetwork really likes his job...a lot.

If it weren't for the military directing and channeling his genuine enthusiasm for ending other people's lives, there's no telling what he might have become.

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