Repainted Red Star body, Hot Seat head

It made sense to me that the KGB would want to keep its eye on a specialized unit like the Oktober Guard, and after perusing one of Osprey Military's excellent books on the real-world Soviet Military, I realized it was possible to get very close to an actual KGB Border Guard uniform in both color and appearnce by repainting a Red Star figure. I used Hot Seat's head because he wasn't that prominent a character, the grey hair was something a little different, and the sculpt came close to looking somehow Russian. I chose the name WATCHDOG not because of any affiliation to the computer system from the animated series, but because it made sense for a KGB Border Guard, who's essentially been assigned to the Oktober Guard team to keep an eye on them. Of course, as it actually plays out, Watchdog respects the Guard a lot more than he respects any of the party hacks back at the Kremlin. :)

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