Head- Flint 91
Torso- Flint 85
Arms- Leatherneck 93
Waist- Leatherneck 93
Legs- Wild Card 89
M1911A1 pistol- Marauder Inc.
Binoculars- PTE
Backpack- Hawk 86

When I came up with Wheeler, I wanted to create a more, "relaxed" mercenary. One that looked more like an outdoor enthusiast than military but still has a military edge to him, which is why I gave him a camoflauge BDU shirt with blue jeans and sneakers.

File Name- Wheeler, Donald W.
Place Of Birth- Longmeadow, Massachusetts
Ex-Navy SEAL, one of the youngest the US Navy ever produced. Holds a masters degree in Environmental Studies and was formerly a commercial diver for a salvage company. An ardent naturalist who prefers to be outdoors with nature. Very friendly and easy going with a lust for adventure.

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