Head: Guillotine
Rest: Grunt v9
- Shotgun: Red Zone
- Beret: BBI

Pretty much an LBC except for RIT-dyed arms

File Name: Arie van der Vliet
Primary Military Specialty: Irregular Warfare
Secondary Military Specialty: Helicopter Pilot
Birthplace: Valkenburg, The Netherlands
Grade: OX-4 (Executive Major)

Zodiac is a shadowy figure, but much has emerged about him due to his involvement with several insurrections around the world.

Once Cobra determines it has interests in a particular area, Zodiac serves as a point man, doing strategic reconnaissance and verifying local conditions. If there are dissidents, he seeks out their interests and offers Cobra's collaboration. Otherwise, where conditions are right, he can assemble the genesis of an insurrection, to be supported by Cobra's Special Forces troops like the SPARTA-Vipers. His name Zodiac comes his consulting of the stars, which 'guide' his ability to read the conditions in the local environment and gauge whether the timing for Cobra's involvement is right.

* This custom was inspired by the custom character "Sidewinder" by HypnoHustler

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