Sigma Six Duke (I honestly forget which one)
Helmet is from an Enterprise figure

*Based on the 2009 Canadian Joe Con Exclusive Figure. I went with blue pants over brown simply because I like the blue look better.

Code Name : Back-Stop
File Name: Levin, Robert A.
Primary Military Specialty: Armor
Secondary Military Specialty: Mechanized Infantry
Birthplace: Montreal, Quebec CANADA

An elite American military unit might seem like a strange place to find a Canadian soldier. There are a lot of things about the Joe's first Canadian member that are unusual.

Back-Stop injured so many opposing players in his junior hockey league that his family had to move to the United States to escape the angry parents. During his adolescent years in Detroit, he boxed in the Golden Gloves until he was barred from competition. He spent two terms as the undefeated wrestling champion of his high school simply because no one would get on the mat with him. After a short career in the demolition derby, Back-Stop found his true calling in the Army and eventually on the Joe Team.

He's aggressive, cross, quick to violence, and the closest thing he has to a friend is a friendly rival. Even though Back-Stop favours close quarters fighting, he is most at home behind the controls of sixty tonnes of steel. As a former Golden Gloves boxer, Back-Stop can appreciate a cannon that packs a punch.

Even though he's had more broken bones, ripped tendons and severed arteries than anyone else in the Joe team, he's still strong enough and strong-willed enough to break, rip or sever something of yours.

After the destruction of the Persuader (as told in Birth of the Dead Eye), Back-Stop now patrols the Canadian landscape in the Dead Eye, just looking for some Cobra Frostback Trooper to use as a punching bag.

Personal Notes:
Back-Stop has no skin left on his knuckles and his eyes got knocked different colours in Detroit. That's what happens when you'd rather get punched in the face than shake someone's hand. (Submitted by Timbit /Back-Stop's cousin).

**Portions of this bio were created by Ryan "Scramble" Costello, Jr.

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