SW Clone Pilot - Head
SW Jango Fett - Arms
XMO Wolverine - Lower Legsd
25th Sgt. Airborne - Torso (modified)
ROC M.A.R.S. Industries Trooper - Upper Legs
ROC Rex "The Doctor" Lewis - Coat
ROC Snake Eyes Arctic Assault - Upper Arms

My L4D Survivor figures are based on some friends I'd regularly play the game with, as we all might appear after the zombie apocalypse.

I'd planned on adding this 4th figure to my L4D's survivor lineup for some time but was stumped on the head choice and figure design. It's amazing to me that one SW Clone Head makes a reasonable likeness for person he's based on when so many others hadn't worked.

Having finally found some white-coat versions of the Doctor, I was inspired to try to make this character as an ER doctor, as Paul recently started med school.

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