Head Sculpt: Rollbar
Legs & Torso: POC Jungle Assault Duke
Paint: Tamiya Field Blue
Arms & Vest: ROC Duke Desert Ambush
Paint: Added Tamiya Khaki to cammo
Pouches, Handcuff case & Canteen: FOV Seal diver and Dusty POC waist thing.
Paint: Model Master Army/Marine Gulf AR
Radio & Side Arm: Elite Viper
Paint: Tamiya Khaki
Back Pack: Rollbar
Paint: Tamiya Khaki and Flat Earth
Watch Cap: 21rst Century Royal Marine
Sniper Rifle: bbi Sniper figure
AK 47: bbi Navy Special Operator

Christopher Miller traveled a very different path to get into G.I. JOE. Chris was born and raised in Tulsa Oklahoma and graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Forensic Science with top honors from Oklahoma State University. He was recruited by the FBI right out of school. After his brother was killed in Afghanistan at the hands of Cobra Desert Vipers, he felt a strong urge to serve justice on those who killed his brother and every other brave American.
Chris's supervisor had contacts in Langley and was he was soon after recruited by the CIA to help with collecting evidence on new weapons that seemed to be popping up around the world which were rumored to be produced by Cobra.
With his intellectual abilities and his long time passion for hunting he was granted his wishes to be deployed in the Middle East theatre with his new employer G.I. JOE as a permanent member of Team Whiskey Desert Mountain Ambush where he is able to serve the justice he has longed for in the name of his fallen brother.

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