Head - Wolverine
Torso - 25th Mutt
LH Arm - RA Ripcord

Shotgun - Night Adder
Vest - Beachhead

LONE WOLF was a member of Pit Support Staff when Cobra attacked the Pit. He lost his left arm during the attack. G.I. Joe surgeons were able to replace his missing arm with a bionic prosthetic. General Hawk offered him a disability pension, but Lone Wolf turned Hawk down. He was then offered a postion as Weapons Master in the Mobile Pit armory. Lone Wolf wanted to be a member of Alpha Team to get revenge on Cobra, the request was denied. Lone Wolf acquired some weapons from the armory and escaped the Mobile Pit so he could go after Cobra himself.

Officially Lone Wolf is disavowed from G.I. Joe. He is a wanted fugitive and if any Alpha Team member spots him he is to be apprehended for court martial.

Unofficially Lone Wolf is going to be used by Alpha Team to go after Cobra. The goal is when Lone Wolf attacks Cobra they will be at disarray and Alpha Team will be albe to plan a strategic attack.

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