Head-RoC Ripcord
Hat-Random RoC figure, green stuff added for "armor" on hat
Rope-Spytroops figure
Goggles-PoC Zartan
Rest of figure- PoC Snake Eyes

I've been wanting to bring Alpine up to date for awhile. I have had the head in mind for awhile, and tried various goggles for him until I found some I liked. I never could really piece anything together until I happened to pop the Ripcord head onto the Snake Eyes body. It sat that way in my fodder box for the longest time, until I finally got around to opening my resolute Roadblock, and with his pick axe accessory, gave me some inspiration. I started to do the paint, but I wanted a backpack to mount the pick axe onto, and could not figure anything out for the longest time again, so another month passed, until I finally opened a PoC Alley Viper.

I clipped the top grapple off the removable gun, added a hook from some RoC accessory, and dremeled out a hole to attach the pick axe into, so everything was stored on the backpack. I kept the Snake Eyes Uzi, since it was easily attached to the jacket. Finished up the paint last night, and am pretty satisfied with how he came out.

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