Green Arrow Figure:
Head: SW Tycho Celchu
Torso: CS Snake Eyes (RIT dyed)
Arms: POC Jungle Duke (flesh parts) fused to ROC Storm Shadow forearms.
Right Hand: Clone Wars Trooper (extra artic.)
Legs: MU AIM Soldier (modified/shortened)
Bow and quiver: POC Spirit (modified)
Arm bands: MU Union Jack ankle straps
Hood: "down" version from POC BH vest, "up" version from SW Luke

Alternate "Director" Figure:
Same head
A-Team Face Body (RIT dyed and detail painted)
A-Team Hannibal Hands

It turned out that slamming down the phone and cursing out loud to nobody but himself were the last official acts as an EXCAL Director that Queen would take. For Oliver Queen, nay, the Green Arrow, had had enough.

Leaving the Director's office, and heading towards the Director's private quarters, Queen pulled out his cellular communicator and made two calls on the way. The first was to the bridge of the behemoth "floating" airship within which Queen was now standing, waiting for the elevator to take him to the officer's residential district of the virtual city. After instructions for a new course were grumbled to the Commander, and proper authorization codes were confirmed, a mild lurch was felt by all on board, as Camelot began to change course.

The second call was much shorter. It included information as to the whereabouts of the Command Codes for the entire organization. It included instructions for notifying the proper authorities of the changes looming ahead, and the call ended with two simple words: "I quit".

The man who received this call, stoic yet surprised in his own way, was all business when it came to making the preparations needed to take over the helm of EXCAL. Clark Savage, Jr., "Doc" as he was universally known, hung up the phone, paged his closest advisors, and set off to retrieve the Command Codes. He would need immediate access to Director Queen's files to be able to scout leadership candidates from amongst the Paladin Knight Program. He was fully prepared himself to take over the Directorship of EXCAL. But Queen wore two hats, and was resigning from both. The Director of the Paladin Knight Program was a job Doc simply did not want. He intended to maintain control over Science anyway. No, he would need somebody to take on that daunting task. And, Doc thought to himself, if he had his own agenda along the way, so be it...

Back aboard Camelot, Queen had finished packing those things which he felt were the most necessary - just as he received word they were above the requested destination. That's the beauty of living life virtually in orbit - you're never more than a couple hours away from anywhere - Queen thought to himself. He didn't doubt that he'd miss some parts of this job, he supposed.

To be honest, he didn't mind the crap he was getting right now from Bruce and from Knighthawk. Those guys were just doing what they had to do. And there was the biggest problem of all. He knew what he had to do all along also - but wasn't allowed to do it. It killed Queen to have to delay the Cobra Island mission. But once EXCAL lost its official U.S. backing, the politics of this game - this war - became too much to bear. I'm no damned politician. Queen thought it out loud, as though it weren't already obvious to all. And it's time to make it right.

With that, Oliver Queen, once again the Emerald Archer, stepped into the cockpit of the waiting shuttle, disembarking from the hangar bay of Camelot, and prepared to head down to the island below - Cobra Island - at least as long as those tracers continued to miss their mark.

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