Head: MU Modern Ms. Marvel (modified);
Torso, Legs and lower Arms: MU Classic Ms. Marvel (modified);
Upper Arms: ROC Baroness

Ever since the United States decided to take the reins back from EXCAL in the fight against worldwide terror threat MEDUSA, the forces of "good" have been splintered into two primary groups, EXCAL and SHIELD, America's new hero project.

"New" may not be a fair description, since SHIELD has been operating behind the scenes in the U.S. for decades. However, the global fanfare attributed to the heroes of the EXCAL organization eventually prompted the U.S. to bring its own hero program to the forefront.

Enter the strikingly beautiful and dangerous Carol Danvers, dubbed "Ms. Marvel," in an obvious response to EXCAL's recruiting ploy surrounding the Paladin known as "Captain Marvel."

Air Force Colonel Carol Danvers was individually far more qualified for the "Marvel" title than was Corporal William Batson, at least until his unlikely transformation and promotion, detailed in separate reports. While Col. Danvers has not gone through quite so dramatic of a change, there are certainly rumors that she is, in fact, the first female recipient of the Super Soldier treatment provided by the U.S. Black Ops program of the same name.

Whether or not her skills are artificially enhanced, there is no doubt she is a force to be reckoned with. Trained as both a fighter pilot and a hand-to-hand combat specialist, Ms. Marvel channels an unlikely amount of physical strength to go with her keen intellect. This rare combination has produced a warrior capable of changing the face of a battle single-handedly.

And did we mention she has a twin? Most people don't know this. A separate report is pending.

Ms. Marvel gets a lot of flak for her loud, flashy and revealing costume of choice. But loud and flashy is, for better or worse, the calling card of the new SHIELD, or at least of its sub-team named The Avengers. The "revealing" part Ms. Marvel is coy about. While she claims she fights better with "room to breathe" it is probably not coincidental that recruitment in the U.S. Armed Forces is up 30% since her appearance in the war, and applications for transfer from military and other governmental agencies to SHIELD is up 400% during that same timeframe.

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