Head, Torso, Legs, Shoulder: MU Modern Ms. Marvel

Arms (bicep down): ROC Baroness


If Colonel Carol Danvers is SHIELD's shining star, then Agent Casey Danvers is its black sheep. For years, while Colonel Danvers was starring in the Air Force, and later on SHIELD's Avengers sub-team, Casey Danvers was operating behind the scenes in the war against MEDUSA.

Everyone knows who Colonel Danvers is, just as everybody knows who Ms. Marvel is (however, despite the celebrity status of each independent of the other, it is NOT known that Colonel Danvers IS Ms. Marvel). In contrast, NOBODY knows who Casey Danvers is, or that she even exists for that matter.

For classified reasons, Casey's identity was hidden at a very young age. The best guess is that the Danvers family was involved in a top secret government program from the outset, which at a minimum would explain the extraordinary traits and skills owned by both twin sisters.

With each being firmly in the mix now at SHIELD, Ms. Marvel steals the spotlight while Warbird lurks in the shadows. When Warbird does make her presence felt, it has thus far been presumed by all that it was simply Ms. Marvel in a "modern" costume. Because both of the Danvers sisters share the same awesome skill set, they are quite interchangeable in their roles, and there exists a distinct probability that they have acted on their own accord to switch roles as suits their own purposes.

In later years, however, the bond between the twins became more of a rivalry. Each was involved at various points with former SHIELD Director Tony Stark. While both of the sisters have remained with SHIELD even since Stark's departure for EXCAL, it is believed that Stark has been actively recruiting Warbird to join EXCAL's cause. On the surface, these overtures have been rejected, but the reality may be much more subverted, as Intel reports that... [Remainder of file deemed CLASSIFIED]

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