25th Chuckles - Head
ROC Storm Shadow - Torso, Coat
ROC Flash - Legs
Star Wars Red B-Wing Pilot - Arms
Comic Pack Firefly - Lab Goggles, modified
ROC Accessory - Death Ray

When it came to making "had to have" customs, Dr. Horrible was at the top of the list. I was stumped on the head choice until my wife suggested this one, and after I experimented with darkened under the eyes I knew it would work great.

This is, of course, Dr. Horrible after he's joined the Evil League of Evil, inspired by his red costume seen only briefly at the end of the film.

It's gotten an upgrade, like some of the details on my Captain Hammer figure, as my imagination and fodder isn't limited to the budget of the original.

Again, I feel it's a wonderful compromise of recognizability with a touch of originality.

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