Head and torso - Hunter artworks
Arm - 25th Battle damaged SE
Legs - Paris Pursuit SE
Hand - Microman
Hat - SW Luke farmboy
Strap - RoC SE

Recently returned from a Mercenery mission in Korea, this fallen survivour came home to a city over run with Zombies. The Green flu had taken hold, and the fallen survivour had only his trusty Hummer and a trunk full of weapons to keep him alive. Seeking fellow survivours and also an explanation to what had happened, the Fallen Survivour ventured out to the heart of the city. Finding no answers and running dangerously low on ammo, he encountered a monsterous Tank. The two battled ferociously, yet the Fallen Survivour yeilded to the brute's rampage. With his body battered and broken, the Green Flu took hold, reanimating his dying flesh.

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