Indiana Jones Indy - Head
Indiana Jones Henry Jones Sr. - Torso, Arms, Coat
ROC Cobra Commander - Lower Torso, Legs
Misc Star Wars - Hands

Customizing is addictive to me, after a project, or series of projects, if I have to much "down time" without working on something, it really starts to bug me. So I come up with "filler projects" to keep me occupied. A lot of them never get finished, but this was one I started to tide me over after finishing a particularly fulfilling batch of customs and I really liked how he came out.

It was originally just the Indy head on the Henry Jones body with age lines and weathering on the face and a simple paint job, but I eventually went back and modified the torso to find on some GI Joe style legs so he's fit in better and get some height.

Originally, I thought perhaps President Ryan was the one who put together my Sally Squad team... but I've since decided it was President Steve Rogers, aka Captain America.

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