Head- TRU exclusive Spirit
Body- 25th Dr Mindbender
Legs- TRU Troop Builder figure

M16 w/ shotgun- PTE M16 and Spirit shotgun
Machete- PTE w/ masking tape scabbard
Vest- Resolute Cobra Trooper
necklace- IJ Unga Warrior weapon piece, epoxy & string
canteens- PTE

Private Billy Sole is the team's tracker specialist. A Native American, Billy was taught how to read the land by his grandfather to track anything, anywhere. Billy tracked a deer thirty miles when he was only 10. Billy is also an accomplished hunter and skilled in edged weapons. Billy may be the lowest ranked member of the team, but he has as much experience as Dutch, Blain and Mac.


This was one figure that began the custom Predator Rescue team set. Once I saw the TRU Spirit, I knew (just as many others) that this was Billy Sole, even the gun was similar (yet not exact). I wanted the gun to be identical to the one the real Billy used,an M16 with solid stock. I removed the shotgun from the gun that came with Spirit and attached it to an M16 that better matched. Putting together the parts and finding the right body took awhile. I wanted to give Billy his boonie hat, but could not find one (or make) that fit Spirits head.

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