Head: MU Kitty Pryde modified
Hair: ROC Baroness
Torso, Waist, and hip joints: MU female
Rest of legs and arms: SW "Cami"
Coat: MU Storm
Skirt: SW "Cami"
Belt: Star Trek

I'm slowly working on a massive Doctor Who project, often doing small parts here and there in between other projects. Amy is the first companion I completed because I was watching the season while working, and felt inspired. This particular outfit largely matches her outfit in many of the show's promo photos.

Will she be a part of EXCAL? By definition, yes. Most things I make somehow have a spot. I have not yet clearly defined the role of the Doctor in this world, but it will have something to do with the portals which are being discovered.

Even if not used "in character" I like this figure for being a background civilian female in any dio. And I could easily swap her head for a different character, to achieve an even more unique civilian.

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