Entire figure - TRU Repeater, repainted
lower arms- 25th Anniversary Duke

Vest- PTE
M60- BBI
Ammo- 25th Roadblock
Ammo can- PTE
Knife- 25th Joe (?)

Sgt. Mac Elliot is the polar opposite of his friend Blain. Where Blain dislikes rules and order, Mac requires them. Mac keeps Blain in line most of the time. He is the team's weapon specialist, using a M60 like a rapid-fire sniper rifle at times. Mac is skilled with all weapons and was a marksman efficiency instructor at Fort Benning. Mac's constant dislike for the CIA agent Dillon is openly known. Mac as no qualms with putting a bullet in Dillon if their mission is compromised.

When I saw Repeater in the TRU box set, I knew that I could make a Mac figure. This set was almost like Hasbro telling us to make the Predator rescue team characters, heck they even gave us a female with short hair (no I have not made Ana yet.)

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