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Dr. Kenzuki Hiashi is a Japanese scientist who is a part of THE TRUST and the foremost authority on "AI" and the creator of the "MARK" chip. The MARK Chip is a vital part of The MARK project, which enables the MARK to integrate downloaded directives directly into the brain. The MARK chip is what gives The MARK an advantage over his opponents and allows it access to tactical information in the Trust data base. Dr. Hiashi has been the target of several kidnapping attempts including Cobra and the Iron Grenadiers.

The Brain Trust includes the world's top scientists in the areas of Cybernetics, Biogenetics, Bioengineering, Artificial Intelligence and Robotics. They are the most sought after group of scientists in the world. Once, it was contracted by the Federal Government, to create weapons and experimental prototypes. The Brain Trust was disbanded after several failed experiments that resulted in the deaths of several U.S. soldiers.

Now under the patronage and protection of "TEComm". (Third Eye Communications) the core members of the Brian Trust (now called The Trust) work in secret trying to perfect the super soldier formula that produced the legendary Captain America. The formula was stolen from G.I. Joe by Cobra and then stolen by M.A.R.S. and subsequently stolen by the October Guard. The newest form of the formula has produced "Anaconda" the super soldier for Cobra and "IGS" (Iron Grenadier Supreme) for Destro's army the Iron Grenadiers. The Russians used it to revitalize their "Red Guardian" Project and G.I. Joe has used it to create Super Joe.

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