Head: POC Ripcord
Body: Neo Viper V1
Lower Arms: Ice Viper
Legs: 25th Roadblock

Nigel Liang was one of the premier men at 6 who "went bump in the night" and did a lot of things that the men at 85 Vauxhall Cross didn't ever want showing up on the BBC. He was a man with a lot of connections and knew a lot of good stories. The kind of stories that bring down governments.

It was also rumored that he was "Laird Destro's Boy" for a very long time, a theory that did not weaken at all when his brother Jumar was moved to the head of a very long list of candidates for cybernetic limb replacement with MARS.

And indeed perhaps it was a very good thing for him that the world collapsed as it did, because had the whole show not gone down the tubes, he would have been on a short tram to the Glasshouse in Colchester where he'd find himself buried under the cells.

Nigel leads a small group of lads that he calls the Night Men. They specialize in clearing small areas of THEM for short periods of time. There is simply no one more effective at it. When King Edward's boffins need access to an area, the Night Men go in.

They are almost absurdly well equipped, lending even more credence to the rumors that Lard Destro and he still have a working arrangement, giving Nigel access to the most up to the minute weaponry for his teams.

Nigel was fast, ruthless and efficient before the war. Now, with society gone to hell in a handbag, he's operating entirely under his own rules. He does what the SIS tells him to, but he's doing a lot of other work. To what end no one knows, but he's too valuable a piece to take out of the game.

This is a custom made for a Secret Santa present to work in SGCaper's "All that Remains Universe". I noticed that the Brit section of the world was the least developed, so I took on filling that out.

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