Scarlett head V? (modified)
Lady Jaye V7 torso and arms (modified)
Cobra Commander legs (right modified)
Shipwreck holster
Scratch-built Swiss Army Knife

This was for the self-custom contest at the PA JoeCustoms meet in 2010. I had such a busy few weeks heading into it, I could only take a few days to work on it. Basically the challenge was to make yourself as an agent of GI Joe or Cobra and you could use your screen name if you wanted.

My approach was pretty tongue in cheek. My favorite action hero's obviously MacGyver and my favorite Joe is Shipwreck, so instead of creating me as a new Joe character I mashed the two together, rockin the Shipwreck look with a couple of MacGyvery essentials, Those include the Swiss Army Knife and the Phoenix Foundation logo on the the right sleeve rather than Shipwreck's usual insignia. I don't have a tattoo, but where would it leave my nod to my favorite sailor without some variation of a his!

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