Spytroops Shipwreck (12 Inch)
Pants, Shirt, Both hats...GI Joe
Other gear, possibly GI Joe and others
Some parrot from a pack of birds

I haven't worked with a 12" figure before. They're not my favorite scale even tho my uncle's 12" Joes were my intro to the line way back. In spite of that, I wanted a 12" Shipwreck, of course!

Even though I started with an actual Shipwreck figure, there were things about the head that I needed to change for my quintessential take on Shipwreck. First thing I did was repaint the eyes and then sculpted a beard around the existing goatee and sculpted new hair. I really wanted to go all out on the hair giving it that longer feel, but I kept it shorter so the hats would still fit.

Didn't do anything to the body but add clothes and gear. Of course my favorite look is the Sunbow/'84 figure look, but the sweater and knit cap look grew on me, too. For Polly, everything that's now green used to be blue, and I fixed up his eyes and feet. Probably not accurate to any real parrot out there and isn't 100% the Sunbow version, either, but I like how he came out.

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