Head - 25th Scarlett
Hair - MU Jean Gray
Torso - Lady Jaye (modified)
Legs - ROC Cover Girl (modified)
Arms- IJ Indiana Jones
Hands - ROC Beachhead
Jacket - IJ Indiana Jones (modified)
Leg Pouch - ROC Walmart Exclusive Copperhead
Dog Tags - 25th Major Bludd (modified)
Guns - ROC Cover Girl

I sanded away the molded suspenders and badge from the Lady Jaye torso. I also sanded down the side pockets on each leg. Model car flocking was used on the jacket to imitate fur. I cut down the Major Bludd dog tags to only one. I added two small strips of styrene for the leg pouch that I removed from Copperhead.I used acrylic paints and acrylic clear coat to seal it.

She is based off of the DDP version. I hope you enjoy it.

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