Head: 2005 Clone Wars Mace Windu
Torso/Right arm: Comic Pack Hawk
Left Arm: Iron Man MkII
Abdomen/Groin/Upper Legs/Knees: Animated Clone Wars Assassin Droid
Feet: Wall-E Eve
Left arm additions: SW lightsaber blade, plasticard

I first made a custom of Axel Pressbutton way back in the latter half of 2005. I was happy with the result, although I have always wanted to go back and redo him with better parts, especially the legs and feet. When I saw the Assassin Droid legs and the Wall-E parts, I knew I had the right combination. Used a different Mace Windu head this time, though and 25th Joe parts. This time I also made a custom of his partner the Laser Eraser, Mysta Mystralis.

To reiterate the description of the character:

The wonderfully psychotic Axel Pressbutton as originally life for the British comic Warrior, then reprinted by Eclipse comics.

Axel Pressbutton was originally a kind, gentle mild-mannered man who worked as a florist. One night, while he was stock-taking, he was attacked in the cellar by Vegan Green Fungus, which keeps the victim alive and talks to them as it eats them. By the time the shop owner found him, his groin, legs, left arm and part of his torso had been ingested, but he was still alive. But his mind had completely snapped, turning him psychotic with a complete hatred of all vegetable matter.

Surgeons operated on him and turned him into a cyborg. Someone with a dark sense of humor, noting that he could no longer have a sex life, substituted it with a button on his chest that when pushed, would mildly stimulate the pleasure centers in his brain. Unfortunately, they got the wiring wrong and it often overloads his pleasure centers, causing him to go into a frenzy, unable to distinguish between friend, foe or salad.

He decided to pay back the universe by becoming a mercenary, and substituted a two and a half foot long titanium cleaver for his robotic left hand.

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