I started with a 25th anniversary Snow job and the figure just started taking shape I don't remember all I did will list what I do remember.
-Head; modified original 1995 Frostbite, removed the goggles and replaced with wearable goggles from Snowjob.
-Goggles; replaced the straps of the goggles with a 3m dust mask elastic material (found to be much thinner than most rubber bands).
-Body; modified pocket location along with a little dremell work around the neck to create sweater and allow for proper fitting of head. Feet are modified as the originals didn't look warm enough. Fur was created with epoxy compound
-Gun and holster; complete mystery to me.
-Vehicle; details to come but I will say its full function RC, lights and sounds included.

I created Frostbite for the simple reason that my RC Snow Ox required a driver. I figured Frostbite was the choice for me,as I always liked the detail of his face.

One of the most difficult parts re-creating this character was his fur. Using epoxy I got pretty lucky and the design came together. Painting it was a huge deal to me - the color of the original is very unique and as such I wanted to insure equal originality and show depth.

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