Head: Fearless Forces modded
Glasses: Henry Jones modded
Torso: TF Flint
Arms: TF Flint/Shipwreck fused uppers; ROC Hawk lower arms
Legs: Uppers ROC Hawk; Lowers: 25A Torpedo
Pen Protector: sculpted
Feet: 25A cold weather Snake Eyes

This was my submission for NJC #50, but I have cleaned up the figure considerably since that time. I didn't intend to make any Venture Brothers customs initially, as they are a bit over the top for my EXCAL verse, but the parts for this figure virtually made themselves once I saw the potential in the headsculpt.

So far, Dr. Venture is one of the few "one-shot" style customs I have made which does not directly fit into my existing verse, but that might simply be because EXCAL already has a "Doc" or twelve too many.

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